"Be Compassion, But be candid about psychopathy too"

Mandaly Bay US Flag Photo: available signed by Dr. Bunch, in all sizes and colors. This is not a composite photo, but is an actual photo: the blue area is the Mandalay Bay Casino. The gold spires are those of the Excalibur Casino, reflected on the Luxor Casino's Square Tower (not the pyramid portion). This hotel was planned to symbolize the USA flag. When Dr. Bunch took this photo 3 years ago, the concert grounds where the shooting occurred was in development.

This Las Vegas Photo is a memorial to those who passed, those who witnessed the trauma in person or on TV, and the American Heart broken by mass shooters that actually occur daily in the USA. For information on the Psychopathic Political Leadership that models to these shooters hate and lack of compassion, narcissism, feelings of one's superiority and another's inferiority, and the competitive psychopath drive to punish by shooting the vulnerable, see our other site by clicking on the Las Vegas Image below to be forwarded.

Las Vegas, Sandy Hook, Orlando, our American Requiem

Las Vegas, Sandy Hook, Orlando, our American Requiem
Tears and Sorrow show Which Person Has a Soul

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